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Be an Open Door: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
Open door at Hidcote Manor

Image by Neosnaps via Flickr

In past times people were more aware of the social niceties that smoothed relations and made it easier to live together.

 One example of this was how men and women opened doors for each other.

Now it seems we are all in such a hurry we don’t much notice who is going through a door in front, behind or opposite to us – it’s all a blur of activity and motion. Plus the doors more and more open themselves.

However there are still doors to be opened and still opportunity to be an open door for others.

By this I mean being willing to serve others.

When we open a door for others, to let them go through first, or we wait for them to come through, we are serving them. We are putting ourselves in a position to honor and respect someone else. We are being open.

It’s a helpful thing to do and I wish I could say it reaps many rewards. This isn’t always true.

Some people will smile, some will thank you, or act surprised and delighted.

Many however will walk right through and never give you a glance, nor acknowledge you or even be aware that you went out of your way.

So before you open yourself, before you do this small kind thing, ask yourself, “Am I willing to open myself up to serve?”

If the answer is yes – do it regardless of the result – and then, if you get a smile or a nod you can be pleased, however the real reward will be that you did a kindness when you didn’t need to.

That is a feeling that can shift your whole day.

By the way – old etiquette maintained that a man would open a door for a lady – nowadays, it’s whomever gets to the door first is the one to open it.

If you are walking with someone who you know enjoys treating others well, male or female, pull back and let them serve you. Just remember to smile and reward them with your thanks.

Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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