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Be a Teacher: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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A king once decided to honor the greatest of his subjects. Word spread throughout the kingdom and various nominations were immediately forthcoming. A man of wealth and property was singled out. One person was lauded for her healing skills, another for his fair practice of the law.

Still another was praised for his honesty in business and yet another for his bravery as a soldier. Each candidate was brought to the palace and presented to the king. He admitted to his counselors that this choice was going to be difficult.

As the last day before the ceremony arrived, the last candidate was finally brought before the king – a white-haired woman whose eyes sparkled with the light of knowledge, love and understanding.

“Who is this?” The king asked, “What has she accomplished of note? An aide replied. “You have seen and heard all the other candidates. This woman is their teacher.” The king’s court erupted into applause, and the king immediately stepped from his throne to honor her.

Virtues do not happen by accident or as a natural part of growth. As with any skill or means of success, they must be taught.

Who have been your teachers? Are you a teacher of others?

We are teachers even if we don’t recognize or acknowledge it – your actions are teaching others about your character – and influencing those around you – even if in subtle ways.

Today – two things:

First – can you think of someone in your life that has been an excellent teacher to you? And then can you tell them so?

So many of us leave praise unsaid and what an excellent way to end the week – by calling or emailing or writing a person who has influenced you in positive ways.

Second – can you be a teacher, sharer, giver today? The answer is yes – so make an effort to share a lesson with someone – write down a story of something you learned to pass on to your children or give someone in your business some tips or help that will benefit them.

Be a teacher on this last day of the week – it matters and you can do it.

Remember, you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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