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BBQ Friday: The Dilemma of Splurges

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Are y’all ready for some delicious looking BBQ?

I know you have to be…



Today I switched it up and had the bbq chicken sandwich.


I also had unpictured potato salad. Holy delicious.

And even the best laid plans can fall by the way side. I know this morning I said that I wasn’t going to have both the bbq and my friday cookie…


Well… like I said best laid plans can go kaput!

Snack Second Breakfast

So I was that unfillable kind of hungry this morning and I have been most of this week. I just had to give in so I took a 20 minute break from work, went home and made some real rib stickin’ breakfast.


I fried an egg in evoo with salt and pepper then I put it on a toasted slice of sprouted grain bread with a teeny tiny smidgen of jam.

I did a lot of research into sprouted grain breads and do you want to know something awesome? They are a super complex carb. The sugar strands in sprouted grain breads are really long so they are a good carb. In fact the body processes them like protein. Super cool right? I’ll definitely be incorporating lots of sprouted grain breads into my diet in the future.

the dilemma of splurges

I don’t know about you, but splurges are a really touchy subject to me and here’s why. I’ve done a lot of diets in my life and I have a really hard time splurging then getting back on the band wagon. I start to think that since I’ve splurged I’ve ruined my entire day so I make the entire day a splurge. Then I think about how I lost a whole day so my entire week is gone and I might as well just start up again on Monday.

I’m really not looking at my new clean eating as a “diet”. I don’t like that word because to me it says that this is a phase. It has a starting date and an ending one. I don’t want my new guidelines and clean eating habits to have an end date. I want to incorporate all these new things like cooking healthy dinners, eating lower amounts of sugar and focusing on getting yummy complex carbs into my life… forever.

Today I’m changing this little splurging problem I’ve had in the past. Today I splurged. I ate a BBQ chicken sandwich on butter toasted white bread! I ate potato salad that definitely had dairy in it and potatoes are a starchy veggie that I should be avoiding. I didn’t turn down that flour-less chocolate chewy cookie. And all of these things are okay. I don’t want to live a life free of splurges and yummy decadent meals. I wont be at my healthiest if I try to do that. Today I get back on the band wagon and continue down the winding healthy living road.

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