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BBC Guilty of Aiding Terrorists in 911?

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Adask

Building 7:  Going, Going, Gone.

Building 7: Going, Going, Gone.

This is an amazing report.

On September 11th, A.D. 2001 (9/11) four commercial aircraft where high-jacked.  One of those aircraft allegedly crashed into some farmland on Pennsylvania, but the remaining three allegedly struck three buildings:   the two Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.    The Pentagon was severely damaged; each of the Twin Towers were collapsed and utterly destroyed–but amazingly, a fourth building (the 43-story, Building 7 at the World Trade Center) also collapsed even though it was not struck by any aircraft or significant debris from the adjacent Twin Towers.

Why Building 7 collapsed has never been adequately explained in any official report.

Adding to the Building 7 mystery is the fact that, 20 minutes before Building 7 actually collapsed, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported the collapse had already happened.

How could the BBC report that Building 7 had already collapsed when it would not collapse for another 20 minutes–unless the BBC were to some degree complicit in Building 7′s fall?

Tony Rooke is the principal behind the following video.  Mr. Rooke pays an annual subscription fee to the BBC for his cable TV.  However, Mr. Rooke refused to pay his annual licensing fee to the BBC on the grounds that the BBC must’ve been complicit in the 911 attack–if only because the BBC had knowledge of the Building 7 collapse before that collapse took place and failed to report that attack to the authorities as required by law.  The BBC sued Mr. Rooke to collect his licensing fee.  The judge ruled in Mr. Rooke’s favor.

In other words, an English trial court judge agreed that there was sufficient evidence of BBC complicity (advance knowledge) in the collapse of Building 7, that Mr. Rooke could lawfully refuse to pay BBC a licensing fee.

Thus, an English court has implicitly ruled that the official reports on who and what are responsible for 9/11–and particularly, the collapse of Building 7–are wrong.

Almost 12 years after the 911 attack were are beginning to see “official” verification of our various 9/11 “conspiracy theories”.  It appears that just as Mr. Shakespeare observed, sooner or later, “The truth will out.”

That’s extraordinary news.

video   00:08:27


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