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Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

First off I would like to say Happy Batman Day to you!  Secondly, the spirits are alive with this chapter of Batman Eternal.  Lots of time is spent in the depths of Arkham Asylum dealing with the undead.  Batwing deals with Joker’s Daughter a bit and comes up close and personal with a giant of a “man”.  Harper and Red Robin get tested in Tokyo while Professor Pyg goes to Arkham.  Lt. Bard is cleaning up the streets while Mrs. Vale tries to use her charm to play with the Lieutenant.  A majority of the book is dealing with Batwing and James Corrigan.  I don’t know exactly how I feel about this part of the story.  I am sure it will play a bigger part sooner or later but right now I am not feeling it.  I haven’t read any previous stuff involving Joker’s Daughter so I am not quite sure how she will be and what she will do.  If she is anything like her father, it will go on forever.  For now, this is just another step in the Eternal storyline that needs to be told in one form or another.  I know I need to stick with some of these stories for the bigger picture but it was just OK to me.

Batman Eternal #16 – The Monster Machine

Story by:  Scott Snyder & James T Tynion IV

Script by: Ray Fawkes

Consulting Writers: John Layman & Tim Seeley

Pencils by: Dustin Nguyen

Inks by: Derek Fridolfs

Colors by: John Kalisz

Letters by: Taylor Esposito & Dezi Sienty

Cover by: Dustin Nguyen

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