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BATMAN 66 #33 Review

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

In Batman 66 #33, we conclude the mini arc involving Joker and Catwoman trying to Jokerize Gotham City.  The Tremendous Trio get the help of an unlikely individual and what a twist we will see.

So far this has been my favorite arc in the Batman 66 series.  We wrap things up in such an excellent way where Jeff Parker puts his own twist on one of the most loved characters in the Gotham Universe.  As the trio was heading towards Joker and Catwoman, Joker set off the machine that turned all the people in the park into laughing, crazed individuals.  They all start attacking the crime fighters and Joker is loving it.  Robin is having problems all of his own.  Dr. Quinn is there and feels ashamed that this is happening because she helped make the machine.  She gets the idea to put herself in the machine with the thinking that it was her brain that made it and it will be her brain that stops it.  I love the nod to the Red Hood in this scene.  Nice touch.  Low and behold, it worked….but at what cost?  Quinn ends up crazed and back at Arkham.  I’m sure a doctor could help her get healed.  Good thing they are going to use Dr. Hugo Strange. Wait?!?

Fantastic closing to a story.  You have to read it to see what I am exactly talking about.  The visuals make the story flow so beautifully.  I am thoroughly impressed on how Jeff incorporated Dr. Quinn (Harley) into the style of the 1960′s.  I know that there are some guest writers coming up for the Green Hornet crossover but I really enjoy the works of this Batman 66 team.

Batman 66 #32 – The Dynamic Duo & Batgirl Say Hello!

Script: Jeff Parker

Art & Colors: Jonathan Case

Letters: Wes Abbott

Cover: Jonathan Case

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