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Bathroom Trends to Look Out for in 2015

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

With the holiday season in full swing, 2015 is just a few weeks around the corner. So what types of trends can we expect to see in the bathroom this year? Last year we saw a handful of trends that focused on functional use. This year, the emphasis is going to be placed on designing a fully personalized bathroom experience.

How do you do this? Feature floor tiles, natural elements, sustainable materials, and of course technology. Keep your bathroom up to date with the latest fashions and trends. Here are the 15 bathroom trends that every designer, home stager, real estate agent, and home remodeler needs to be aware of in 2015.

Bathroom Trends in 2015

Recent bath remodeling project by Remodel Works.

Aside from the fact that bathrooms are getting bigger and bigger (even having multiple toilets), there are many new trends that are expected to be popular next year.

1. Color Palette Prediction

Marsala Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Marsala (18-1438) is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015. Image courtesy Pantone.

Gray and other sophisticated neutral colors were on the up and up last year. Simona from Bagnidal Mondo just published a great feature on Gray & Pink Bathrooms. Marsala is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 and as suggested by Lisa Khna, maybe we’ll see Marsala tinted toilets? You can see what some top interior designers had to say about this year’s selection here.

2. Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Tub with Chandelier Overhead

Photography by Alex Beattle

With bathrooms growing larger and larger every year, many bathrooms have more space to incorporate both a freestanding tub and a stand alone shower. Free standing tubs exude elegance and opulence as the ultimate sign of luxury. Pair that a overhanging chandelier and you’re golden. Which brings us to our next point.

3. Copper Hardware and Fixtures

Copper Bathroom Faucet

Copper is expected to be big in 2015.

Fixtures have a special effect on the dynamics of the bathroom. We’ve seen chrome, brass, polished, and even oil-rubbed accessories see their time. This year, we’re seeing copper becoming more and more popular. Native Trails’ Maestro Collection has many unique copper sink. But how long will it last? As Kitchen Bath Trends noted, “Copper has been in and out for years and regardless of what’s hot, copper always looks great in bathrooms.”

4. Open Space Design

Open Space Bathroom Design

Photography courtesy Standards Hotel

We touched on this last year as I noticed the barrier between the bathroom and the bedroom beginning to be removed in many instances: Bathing Without Borders: Open Space Bathroom Design. This serves to appease the demand for bigger and better bathrooms year in and year out. By eliminating the divide between two of the most intimate areas in the home, you’re able to create a very connected and cozy space that has everything you need.

5. Unique Bathroom Vanities

Red Floating Vanity with Glass Vessel Sinks

Red Floating Vanity with Glass Vessel Sinks.

The vanity is beginning to be the place where you personal your bathroom with a unique touch. With this, you can expect to see more custom vanities and furniture style vanities that match the decor of the rest of the home.

6. Feature Floor Tiles

Featured Tile Flooring in the Bathroom

Dr. Residence #1 by Avente Tile. Cuban Heritage Design, 150 is muted for this sophisticated beach house.

The bathroom floor will become the new focal point in 2015. No longer are power walls the key to creating a powerful contrast. No, the floor is where artistic statements are made. Feature tile can add style, taste, and colorful hues to your bathroom that will have you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. You can explore custom tiles with Avente Tile and others recognized trendsetters like Walker Zanger.

7. Heated Flooring

Heated Bathroom Flooring Cutaway

Heated Bathroom Flooring Cutaway. Image courtesy © WarmlyYours.

Adding yet another luxury amenity to the bathroom, heated floors solve an age old gripe of many homeowners. As more bathrooms are renovated, a fresh floor provides the perfect opportunity to install heated flooring beneath your tile. Best of all, materials are surprisingly inexpensive.

8. Asian Zen Retreat Bathrooms

Japanese Zen Bathroom Design

Image courtesy Decoist.

Zen inspired bathrooms epitomize everything the bathroom is supposed to be; a relaxing getaway and a place for some much needed downtime. The growing popularity of spa-like bathrooms credit much of their inspiration from Chinese and Japanese Zen bathrooms. Learn how to craft a Zen inspired bathroom retreat; The Guiding Principles of Japanese Bath Design.

9. Geometric Tiles

Gray Bathroom Tiles are Trending

Photography by Living Rooms London.

Geometric tiles are slated to be big next year. They follow modern style with symmetrical lines that are orderly and uniform. Using geometric patterns along with bright and bold colors (reds, yellows, and blues) will make the bathroom of 2015 pop!

10. Spotlight on Grout Lines

Shower Tile Grout

Photography by Scott Robinson

In the past we’ve seen thin grout lines being favored because of the minimizing effect they have on breaks in tile. Designers are embracing grout rather than trying to hide it from view. Grout lines can highlight patterns with contrasting tones.

Tip: You can use a power washer to clean your grout lines without having to scrub, and scrub, and scrub.

11. Sustainable Materials

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Materials

The Oasis Double Vessel Sink Vanity.

The push towards being responsible for the environment doesn’t mean our water guzzling bathrooms are exempt. Aside from ultra-low flow toilets, sustainable materials is trending in 2015 as consumers and home remodelers find that Green products create an extra incentive that is enough to influence purchasing decisions. Two options include Rubberwood Vanities and Formaldehyde Free Cabinets.

12. Pulling from Nature

Living Wall in the Bathroom

Courtesy Siol Studios.

Natural elements are commonly associated with rustic bathroom design but this isn’t the case here. We’re talking about rustic elements like natural wood, stone countertops, and even wood print tiles. Incorporating nature into the bathroom creates an invigorating and sensual experience. See How to Create a Heavenly Bathroom Experience.

13. LED Lighting

Ambient Bathroom Lighting Recessed in Wall

Ambient Lighting Recessed in the Wall. Courtesy © Alair Homes

Lighting plays an important role in the display of your master bathroom and nothing makes a more pronounced statement than awe-inspiring LED lighting fixtures. By not only focusing on lighting around the vanity, you can accentuate hidden areas in the room. They create an engaging display that is immediately realized when the light switch is flipped on. It really gives you the jaw-dropping “wow” effect. LED lighting is also energy-efficient keeping in line with sustainable living practices.

14. Technology & Water Do Mix

Kohler Touchless Toilet

Kohler’s Touchless Toilet allows you to flush your toilet without touching an icky handle.

New technology is making it easier to automate tasks in the bathroom. This year Kohler released its Touchless Toilet but that’s not the only device making noise in the bathroom. Expect high tech faucets that monitor water temperature and have automatic shut off features that prevent scalding. You can check out this post to start getting some ideas; 7 Smart Bathroom Design Ideas Any Homeowner Will Love.

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2015 seems to have an emphasis on clean and simple designs while decorating in other forms and fashions that have typically been glossed over. Grout lines and featured flooring give yet another way to design bathrooms both small and large. Technology is having an increasing influence as automation becomes a luxury. Finally, new materials and fresh ideas are being incorporated from Mother Nature herself and other areas of the home.

Large Luxury Bathroom Transformation

Image courtesy © Alair Home

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