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Bathroom Improvement Ideas For Apartment Dwellers

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Decorating or renovating a bathroom is a real challenge for apartment renters. Landlords must abide by rules set by the property managers and this puts a lot of restrictions on upgrading bathroom fixtures and decor. However, with a little creativity, you can give your bathroom a custom look without having to break any rules. You just have to know how to work within your limitations. Getting tired of looking at that boring old bathroom everyday? Check out these simple and easy ideas for improving a rental bathroom.

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A builder basic bathroom leaves a lot to be desired. Image via Flickr

The most common type of request landlords receive from tenants is the permission to change bathroom faucets and shower fixtures. Unfortunately, these may be highly restricted because of water efficiency concerns and fear of improper installation that could lead to water damage in the bathroom. So if you can’t change your fixtures, try to work with the ones you have. Find ways to make them stand out less if you find them unappealing.

Sometimes simply getting organized is enough to transform any interior space. In the bathroom, uncluttering your vanity and medicine cabinet is a great way to make it feel refreshing. Usually it’s all that junk and superfluous bathroom products that makes a space feel uninviting. Color is another way to change how a bathroom feels. If it’s a small bathroom, cool colors are great for making it feel more open. For large bathrooms, warm colors work to make them feel more cozy and inviting. Try working with bold colors to draw attention away from less appealing features.

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