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Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Although we’re over halfway through 2018, it’s still important to recap some of the most popular and best looking bathroom design trends of 2018. It’s never too late to make changes to your bathroom and we’re here with a couple tips to help you.

There are a few main components to bathrooms that change styles every couple years. These include color, vanities, bathroom hardware, and bathtubs. Of course, there isn’t massive changes that are happening every year. But as time goes on, certain bathroom features have a tendency to go out of style.


First we’ll address bathroom color palettes. In recent years, modern bathrooms have always been white, chrome, and glossy. This was the popular look because of how sleek they looked. What you need to consider is what kind of effect the average wear and tear of a bathroom will have on white tiles, vanities, appliances, etc. When you’re selling your house after a few years with a white bathroom, you might regret your design choices. Another very dated trend is using colors like salmon, avocado, and mustard. Realistically, we haven’t seen these colors for decades. But there’s a reason for that, they’re very ugly.



Now that we’ve established what you should stray away from in 2018, it’s time discuss what color palettes are trendy right now. From what we’ve seen, bold blues, in all different shades, are one of the more popular color choices in 2018. It’s modern and sleek but also still fun and more interesting than the stark white we’ve seen before. Patterns are still fairly popular, but that’s usually based on personal preference. If you’re choosing to go the patterned route, we recommend larger patterns with clean lines. This is most common in tiling. We’ve even seen 3-D tile patterns that could be worth exploring in the upcoming year.


Vanities are always an interesting trend topic because they’re often based largely on personal preference. It’s also a tough choice because there’s so many vanity options. Do you go for traditional, modern, reclaimed wood, contemporary, etc. The list could go on forever! We’ll give you some popular styles and then let you decide on the direction you want to take.



A really popular choice right now is to forgo the double sink and instead do a low bench top with a single basin. Based on where the basin is placed, the side, or sides, should extend outwards. This creates an over sized counter space that acts as a centerpiece. Granite counter tops are a thing of the past. Instead, many people are choosing to go with a high quality marble instead. This paired with a neutral wood color is a go to move this year.  Another trend is matte finishes on sink hardware. Rather than shiny chrome or copper, black square faucets and handles are the way to go.


For years, bathrooms were primarily a room used for function. Now in 2018, we believe that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. You’re in there at least twice a day for extended periods of time. It’s usually the first place you are in the morning and the last room you’re in before hitting the hay. It makes sense to create a space that you genuinely want to be in. I don’t know of anyone that wants to have a stressful morning in an outdated bathroom.



One of the more fun trends from 2018 is making your bathtub or shower a statement piece. You don’t need a crazy 50-jet bathtub to be comfortable or “trendy”. A bathtub that’s made from natural stone and is slightly over sized is exactly what you need for it to qualify as a statement piece. Additionally, frame less glass around your shower is another popular trend that’s emerging. It opens up the space and also looks great. One of our favorite trends is the simple and sleek shower head. It used to be popular to have lots of jets and multiple shower heads surrounding you in the shower. In 2018, conserving water and making efforts to be more sustainable is what’s really taking off.


Now bathroom accessories aren’t necessarily a trend, but we feel like they’re worth mentioning. Keeping your bathroom free from clutter is crucial to the look and feel of your bathroom. It will also help you feel more relaxed in the mornings if you’re not looking at objects all over your counter. We’re seeing designers creating bathtubs and showers with less surrounding space which means you might have to cut down on your shower supplies. But they’re only trying to help!

Our final recommendation for your bathroom in 2018 is shower plants. Searches for shower plants have steadily gone up in the past few years and we think we know why. Plants in your bathroom can actually help with relaxation. They give you a feeling of serenity and it almost feels like you’re in a spa. Check out these shower plant suggestions, you’ll thank us later.



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