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Bastille – “Bad Blood”

Posted on the 18 September 2013 by Catchmyear @catchmyear

Bastille-Bad-Blood-LPWhat is nice about music is someone can be huge in another country then all of sudden they are a “new” artist over here in the states.  A band I found out about a few months ago called Bastille is very big in the UK.  Their debut album “Bad Blood” was number two on the UK charts.  There are four members in the band: Dan Smith, Chris Wood, Will Farquarson and Kyle Simmons.

The debut album from them was released only a few weeks ago here in the states and I’ve listened to this non stop.  There is something about this album you will love right away.

The song that starts off the album is called “Pompeii” and it’s one that you have probably heard on the radio.  The song starts off with vocals and light instruments then when the verse comes in the drums start kicking in along with more and more instruments.  The build up in this song is amazing!  They make it seem so casual that you will start singing along and doing your little car dance when that chorus comes around.  Now I’m sure everyone has this song already but if you don’t you need to make sure to get this.

The next song that I love is called “Weight of Living, Pt. II”.  The tempo of this song is perfect with the lyrics along with the music of the song.  They also haven’t used the traditional drums…it sounds more like buckets and sticks.  Which is AWESOME!  This is just another up tempo song that a lot of people will enjoy.  I can actually see this being used on a TV show or movie.

Oblivion” is another song that I am loving off this album.  It is a slower pace song but you can hear all of the emotion through the lyrics.  I also love how they use very little instruments to let this emotion through.  And the instruments they did use were not heavy.  They have a piano, strings and other lighter instruments.  This is really a music get song.  I think if they release this song as their next single they will get even a bigger fan base.

The final song I’m going to talk about is another faster pace song called “Laura Palmer”.  This song is well done both in lyric and music.  Now for this one they have both the heavier instruments and the lighter ones.  They were able to blend everything together so well it really fits.  The pace of this song is also up and down…which is a hard thing to do but they were able to make it work.  Everyone needs to take a listen to this song and download it.

Now of course I got my version of the album off of iTunes so there are three bonus tracks: “The Silence”, “Weight of Living, Pt. I” and “Laughter Lines”.  All three of these are well done as well.  This album was one where I didn’t have to skip a track and everything really blending well together and told an amazing story.  They have enough of fast pace tracks and slower tracks.  But every song has a certain emotion.

I am giving this album a 5/5 and it’s a must get!  If you have this album what are your thoughts?? Feel free to tell us below.

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