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Basic Blogspot Blogging Skills for Beginners and Professionals

Posted on the 29 September 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers
Here is a list of skills needed for every blogger who is beginning the blogging journey. I divide them NEWEST mnemonic

Expertise in your Niche

You should identify your niche. You should be both passio

Basic Blogspot Blogging  Skills for Beginners

Basic Blogspot Blogging
Skills for Beginners

nate and expert in that topic. It also includes your aility to Network with Other bloggers of your Niche. Many bloggers ensure that they not only publish their niche topic but also read other blogs of their niche.

Earn or Monetize

An important skill to ensure that you get funds for your blog regularly so that you are able to make profit.

Writing Skills

Though you don't have to be an expert in writing initially, you may have to work on honing your writing skills as you become popular over time. Your writing skills include knowing the use of 8 parts of speech, basic sentence combining techniques and using structure and content words appropriately in your blog posts.


Being economical is to ensure that blog effectively and efficiently by saving your energy, time and resources.

SEO Skills

SEO is about guessing the keywords, phrases, questions and statements that people might use in online search engines on your niche and writing blog posts aligning to it.

Technical Skills

Two vital basic technical skills required are 1) Basic HTML Skills: You don't have to be an expert in HTML but know the fundamentals. This will help you to customize your blog and add basic blog widgets. 2) Basic Blogspot Platform: It is easy to understand and any common man can understand it when they spend some time working on it.

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