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Basadours Yard Sale

Posted on the 30 May 2012 by Thetravelingreader @travelingreadr

Basadours Yard Sale

The BASAD♥URS is a group of volunteer ambassadors for reading and storytelling. The name is derived from “basa” which means “to read” in Cebuano, and “dours” which stands for “ambassadors”. However, for me the “dours” there could also refer to “troubadours” or traveling minstrels or lyrical poets in the 12th or 13th century. The basadours go from town to town spreading the love for the written (and spoken) word. The Cebu-based group is currently campaigning for instilling the love of reading especially among kids with their I Love to Read Project.

Find out more about the group and its advocacy on facebook: Don’t miss out their yard sale (see poster for details). Who knows? I might bump into you there and get you a book or two.


Basadours Yard Sale

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