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Barbells for Boobs

By Mamakbest @mamakbest

Terita Barbells for Boobs

Terita, good friend and member of the MKB Community is participating in Barbells for Boobs.  Having lost her Mother to breast cancer  which was not detected in time, Terita uses the pursuit of a healthy, healthy lifestyle to continue to promote the importance of awareness, early detection and search for a cure.

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.

Donate to Terita’s Barbells for Boobs fund here. Every dollar helps and $80 dollars pays for one person in need to receive the necessary screening.  And don’t forget to spread the word, share this post and the efforts of those participating in Barbells for Boobs with your friends and family.  Every cause is greater with numbers!


Click here to learn more about how you can reduce your risks.
Purchase a MKB Pink Bow Pin, mention Barbells for Boobs or Terita and we will donate a portion of that sale to Barbells for Boobs!

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