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Barbara Morgenstern

By Jerrymurray

Barbara MorgensternTrying to describe B.M’s music using genre terms and definitions as the rule fans render it as “indi-tronika” and tag it as “electro-pop”. Moreover her last album was marked as “indi-pop” and newly devised tag “laptop-folk” describes it as well. Any attempts to characterize her music mean that we face the case when the music prevails over any clichés and stereotypes while presenting something special. Barbara is the musician of an indefinite genre, but of certain mood. She gently sings about life, showing it in bright, sometimes in subdued but undoubtedly in charming way. Her music is feminine, heartfelt, and at the same time enchanting as Barbara herself.

She started her career as a musician in Berlin. In fact both of her parent played the piano. “My grandparents were very musical and they met each other through music. So there was always a lot of music around, and my father was really into music. He was very emotional with music”, recalls Barbara. Barbara performed living room concerts where she joined intimate circle of the independent musicians. Among her new friends were Robert Lippok, a participant of cult bands Tarwater and To Rococo Rot; Gudrun Gut who added Morgenstern to her own label Monika Enterprises. After releasing her first songs newly found musician caused a sensation in German independent music surroundings. The release of the second album Fjorden was accompanied by the actual response and success. By the way one of the most remarkable Berlin electronic musicians worked on the album. Among them were Thomas Fehlmann, Stefan Betke aka Pole and Robert Lippok. Barbara immediately became the main artist of the label. In 2006 when the album “Grass Is Always Greener” was released Barbara Morgenstern finally strengthen her position as successful and talented musician not only in Germany but all over the world. She remixed such projects as Dntel, Station 17, Ellen Allien, Malaria!, Smash TV.

Warmth and easy ambience imbues all of her concerts. During her shows Barbara in a burst of joy runs, dances and sings her hits and appears among her fans. Then she comes back to the stage after ovations. Unlike many electronic musicians who tempt to do hack-work switching on “play” on their laptops Barbara arranges bright and unforgettable performances: she manipulates with effectors, lively plays on keyboard, dances with the audience. Barbara always experiments and at the same time she manages to create extremely sincere and captivating music.

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