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Ban Babies From School Christmas Plays, They Are Too Noisy

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Ban babies and young children from school Christmas plays reads one of the headlines in The Sun newspaper today and I have to admit I was thinking the very same thing the night before last.

I love babies and kids, come on I have 6 of them but I leave the little ones at home when I go along to things like the bigger kids Christmas plays as I know they would not sit still and disrupt the play, which is not fair on the other mums and dads there to actually watch and listen.

I heard more screams and tantrums behind me than I did listening to what the kids upon stage had to say. It is annoying when you have some young child sat behind you kicking the back of your chair, refusing to sit on a chair and throwing a paddy. Its also hard not to shoot a look of “Can you shut your kid up” glance.

Yes its Christmas and its the season of good will, but come on does your one year old really want to sit in a cold hard plastic chair for an hour and half or sit on your knee?

I have been to three sittings of this years Christmas play and each time was a mom who had to get up not even half way through to leave to a toddler or a baby playing up. Oh I know babies cry and toddlers throw tantrums, I have plenty of those myself to know not to take them in the first place, maybe im just a mean mommy but I actually want to hear the lines we have practised for hours spoken when its my child’s part.

A headteacher said ”  younger siblings cause considerable disruption and spoil the listening of the show.” I agree I could only hear half of what was being said.

A father argued back that his son wanted his little brother to attend so he could see him perform. It also seems the school offered crèche facilities, now I wish our school did that, I would be wanting to attend the school daily.

What do you think, I am being Scrogge when I agree with the headteacher OK so the word ban is maybe a little strong, but do you think parents should at least try to get someone to look after babies and younger children when the Christmas school play is on?


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