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By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
bambiWhen I was younger, I earned myself the nickname Bambi. This came from my huge dark brown eyes that people would always make remarks about, a rarity for a natural blonde apparently. Possibly also came from the fact I'm a complete 'Bambi on ice' and I would come home every other day (sometimes still do...) with bruises running up my legs that you could easily play a dot to dot with! It's now a nick name that I'm stuck with for life. *Bambi Abbie...*  I received my H&M Christmas catalog today. I'm always quite excited when the post man delivers my H&M catalogues each month. It's now become a ritual that I make a cup of tea, sit on the sofa, grab a pen and start circling every item I need... would like? This usually ends up me circling about 5 items on each page including the menswear! Just can't get enough of a guy in a Christmas jumper! The styling is so well put together and I really have to stop myself from drooling over the pages! This jumper popped up and I can't get over the fact it's only £12.99. I'm whacking this bad boy on the Christmas list!
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