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Ballsy Move

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


The other day I was at a conference in Uptown Charlotte (yes we really call our “downtown” uptown) and I had to be there early to help set up and do names tags. Once all that is done we go in and take our seats. No kidding 5 mins later a good work friend of mine are “going to the bathroom”. In all reality we were walking across the street to Connelly’s Irish Pub. The presentations were going to be boring anyway so why not go to the bar and sneak back in during the reception!

We are sitting on the patio talking and drinking when all of a sudden there is a guy beside me introducing himself. He says his name and goes I’d really like to take you to lunch sometime text me and put its business card down in front of me. He then turn and walks out of the bar with his friends. It happened so fast I swear I had the most confused look on my face. A. because that stuff never happens to me and B. because he did that and than actually left the bar. I couldn’t even really tell you what he looked like, he looked tall but then again I was sitting down and I think he had dirty blonde hair. Other than that I’ve got nothing but the info on his card. (he has a good job)

I did end up texting him the next day just to kind of feel it out and to be honest he is kinda boring. Plus he put )))) in every single message and I don’t understand why he just won’t use punctuation! After a few glasses of wine last night I asked him about the ))) he said it was like smiley faces so logically my next two responses were 1. where are the eyes? 2. if there are a lot of )))) does that mean a bigger smile? He tells me he doesn’t know because he has never put so much thought into and that its just a way to show emotion in text… BITCH THAT’S WHAT EMOJIS ARE FOR!! At this point I seriously doubt I will actually go meet him but hey I give him credit for doing what he did at the bar.



Ballsy Move

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