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Balaklava, Sevastopol

By Rena22

Beautiful harbor, framed by steep cliffs, narrow and mysterious entrance with projecting headlands on either side, untouched nature, the quiet bay …
No, this is not a description of the famous bay Listrigony its bloodthirsty giants, from which escaped Valiant Odyssey. This is – a fascinating miniature town Balaklava, located near Sevastopol.



Balaklava town full of secrets and mysteries, like almost all the Crimean land. About Mystery Bay goes a lot of legends, from ancient, not very romantic adventures of Odysseus already mentioned countless treasures to the British steamer “Black Prince”, which sank menacing cliffs bay.

Name of the picturesque harbor Turkish means “fish-nest” that is fully justified. In welcoming Balaclava, in the cozy hotel sea “de luxe” room for all the essentials that would make dear guests a splendid panoramic scenery, beautiful beaches with emerald water and shingle, fancy yacht – clubs and diving – centers, with excellent fish restaurants excellent cuisine and a lot – a lot of gentle sun.

Balaclava – this is truly a unique natural wonder. Ukryvshayasya from human sight in the rugged mountains haven, contained in itself the most beautiful monuments erected not by human hands: steep headlands Aya and Fiolent slopes are covered with thickets pitsundskoy Crimean pine, juniper, strawberry tree, as well as reefs, boulders, caves amazing the underwater world.


In Balaklava many historic buildings that adorn its architectural data, this is a wonderful place. Old aristocratic mansions XVII – IX centuries. famous Russian aristocrats Naryshkin, Yusupova and others, Victorian building on the waterfront to make similar Balaclava cozy Mediterranean port city. The picturesque ruins of the Genoese fortress Genoese acting Orthodox Church of the Twelve Apostles, a top-secret underground plant submarines that can withstand a nuclear explosion – the most interesting and the most visited points of Balaklava. In the rocky shores of Balaklava starring such famous films as “Man – Amphibian”, “Sappho.”

Balaklava beaches – this is the most wonderful place for those who love romance and quiet, not loaded with standard beach activities, camping. Located at the foot of the Crimean Mountains Coast bay strewn with small pebbles and large golden sand. Seen through the clear water rock – sandy bottom with its marine life. What would you get to the beaches should make a little entertaining sea voyage on a passenger boat or a fishing skiff. A more active holiday can reach the beaches along the path, which is located along a cliff – this hike will take more than an hour.


Modern Balaklava – is also an entertainment center elite. Famous people from all over Europe come here to enjoy swimming on their own yachts, enjoy the glamorous parties and concerts of famous singers, and just take a break from the hustle and urgent cases.
Beautiful Balaklava, celebrated the most famous poets and writers – Homer, Pushkin, Kuprin, Lesia Ukrainka, etc., is truly the most wonderful corner of the Crimean coast.


Hotels are not the best in Balaklava, I would advise you to rent apartment in Sevastopol 

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