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Baking Tips from Someone Who Can’t Bake

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
How to make how make hot cross buns like me.
Assemble not quite all of your ingredients. 
Baking tips from someone who can’t bake
First off, never measure. I never do.  It’s boring and takes mere seconds, which is simply way too long.  Instead I prefer the method of guestimating, much more exciting.
Don’t bother reading through the recipe before you start. Just dive right in.  And if your missing ingredients or tools, be creative and find a substitute.  For example, if saran wrap called for and none is available a plastic bag and rubber band will work just fine.
In order to get that golden brown colors take your recipes baking temperature as only a nice suggestion.  In general, pay no mind to doing any necessary conversions.  If using an American recipe no need to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.
Take out any fruit in the recipe and substitute in chocolate, chooocolate is my godd.  So add lots of it, and as many types as possible.
And ta-da! Now you know how to make hot cross buns like these! 
Baking tips from someone who can’t bake


Or, if you really wanted to, you could follow the recipe and make some that look like this…
Baking tips from someone who can’t bake

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