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Baking on Your Boat

By Sailingguide

Did you eat Thanksgiving dinner on your boat, by any chance? Do you have an oven in which you can cook a turkey or other great food?  A good marine stove with an oven is a great upgrade for cruisers and even those who spend only a casual weekend in an anchorage. Think of it as an investment in happiness. On our own sailboat, which had an ancient rusty propane stove when we bought it, we installed an Origo two-burner (that's the nonpressurized-alcohol Swedish invention) stove with oven. It wasn't exactly cheap, and for a while I'd considered just getting the stove top model instead of the version with oven, but my better half prevailed. And what a great idea it has proved to be! Nothing like warm brownies in a cold, rainy anchorage as the heat from the stove warms the entire cabin. I could wax on and on, but I'll just leave it at this: I look forward to the day when we've sailed the boat far enough south (and thus still be on the boat, not shrink-wrapped) by Thanksgiving to cook a turkey aboard!

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