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Bad Relationships: Dump the Trash

By Tobehitch

I don’t know about you guys, but there are so many times when I shake my head at a relationship that I know is just horrible for either the girl or the guy. I’ve known more than my share of girls who stick around in emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive relationships even when everyone in the freaking world (including they themselves) knows that the relationship is corrosive to their lives. I’ve known more than my share of guys who stick around with girls who are (for lack of a better term) bitches, and the guys stay with them even when its obvious that it’s having a horrible effect on the guy’s life.

I’m sure you guys have known someone like this, or maybe you’re in one of these relationships. In fact, many people who comment on my blog seem to be stuck and trapped in these types of relationships. They constantly ask me this question: What am I supposed to do? Here’s my reply:

Get the eff out of the relationship.

You are not going to fix him, sorry. She is not going to become less of a bitch, sorry. The world (for the most part) just doesn’t work that way. Too many years of social and psychological development are working against you. No, he will not suddenly change his ways. If he’s cheated on you, there’s a pretty damn good chance he’s going to cheat on you again. If she’s a high maintenance bitch, she’s not going to suddenly stop being a high maintenance bitch.

Even on the off chance (the .0000001% or possibly less) that some change actually DOES occur, I guarantee you it will not happen over night. You’d have to endure years upon years of emotional stress and turmoil before you even saw the change occur, and the odds of it happening are so infinitesimally slim that you’d have more luck winning the lottery.

But alas. I’m sure someone has already told you all of this (if they haven’t, then your friends suck too and it’s time for you to move to another city/state/country and start your life over again). And yet, even though you probably consciously know this, you’re still stuck. You can’t get yourself out. You want to listen to the advice of your friends, but it’s hard to tear yourself away emotionally.

Here are some things to consider, but I’m going to tell you right now that change begins when you make a decision to do something about it. Reading about it on a website, feeling sorry for yourself…none of that is going to help you. This is your life. I promise you that there are people around you who are willing to fight through with you. But this is your life…you have to make the choice to get out of this harmful relationship. No one else can make that decision for you.

1.) End the drama. There’s something about drama that makes us feel alive. There are a lot of people who say that they don’t like drama, and that they try to avoid it (the “I ain’t no drama queen!!!!” types). But the bottom line is, most of these people are just as interested to hear about, read about, or see for themselves drama that unfolds all around them. Whether it is on a TV Show, through the news, or through stories of their friends, it is hard to avoid being curious. Drama is part of the human element; without it, our lives would be monotonous.

Yet, there’s a fine line between liking drama and ruining your life. End the drama. Seek the attention that you need in more constructive ways. Channel that need to make your own life a cry for attention into something creative.

2.) You deserve better. I think part of the reason why people get stuck in these types of relationships is because they feel an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. As humans, none of us are perfect. Most of us struggle with this reality, and sometimes I think people take this feeling of unworthiness to an extreme: they get into an abusive relationship, and kind of feel like they deserve it.

No. You don’t deserve it. You deserve better. Stop punishing yourself, and get the eff out of the relationship.

3.) You can’t fix them. I’ve already talked about this a bit, but here’s the reality: we all want a purpose in life. There’s something about trying to “fix” or take care of an emotionally abusive person that gives us some sense of purpose and meaningfulness. When we feel useless everywhere else, having that person that we can try to “fix” gives us some sense and purpose in life. It’s more than just a “savior” complex.

Except, that this purpose in life is retarded. Don’t waste your life and don’t waste all that love you have to give on someone who is nothing but a leech, and sucks and drains all of it away from you without giving any back. If you really want a purpose in life, find it elsewhere. Trust me, there are so many people in this world who need your love much more than this emotionally abusive leech that you’re dating. Give your love to them.

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