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Bad Habits

By Ros @scotlandphohos

I pondered this suggestion for a gallery photo for a log time. Bad habits – very subjective…and how do you photograph that? I played around with pictures of cigarette butts on the pavement amongst other things, before this one came to me.

This is part of the development of the beautiful old building which used to be the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. The original hospital was an amazing sandstone building, with turrets and courtyards, and some lovely detail. It also had plenty of space between each of the buildings, so this is what the developers came up with to fill the gaps.

It’s only personal opinion, but to me, that’s a bad habit…

Part of the development of the old Royal Infirmary buildings in Edinburgh

Photo - development of the old Royal infirmary site in Edinburgh, Scotland


Thanks to Simone for this suggestion – a good challenge!


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