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Bad B**** Exercise Poster: Just Do It!

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless



this isn’t a replacement for getting it bad ass body or and workout regimen that’s going to 6 systematically break down fat and make your weight loss goals succeed with high flying colors quickly.

This is just for those days when you’re not going to do shit and you’re thinking OMG I have to do to the gym, or a huge workout has to be done every time.

What happens is you end up doing nothing. On the days when you don’t want to do a huge something but don’t want to end up with nothing you do this.

PS yes I’m very aware that this whole thing is crazy shit but it works and if dressing up like a guinea pig while gargling milk upside down or listening rain or sleet sounds would work we would be doing that. Instead of telling you to put Britney Spears on the list, I’d say, “Get that guinea pig costume! Grab the milk and put yourself together zip it up!”

In this situation my directions with the exact songs I included happened to work without the guinea pigs suit.
So follow the directions exactly you’ll see the benefit of even doing the gradient nitee crazy batshit details.

Lastly, I’m very aware that there probably is not a guinea pig costume or suit in existence it just came out of nowhere and I ran with it so sorry? :-)

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