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Back to School Haul

By Katieemay @katieemay1
Back to School Haul
With results day last Thursday, I can now officially say I will be going into my last year at secondary school! It's a bit scary to think that this time next year I'll be going to university...I don't feel anywhere near old enough. After getting my results and figuring out what I'm doing subject wise for my last year (I dropped french after getting a U "/ So it's English Lit, Geography and IT) I could start getting all my supplies and sorting out my folders because lets face it, whilst school can be boring and I hate it sometimes, stationary buying and organising is so much fun! So, to Staples I went...
Back to School HaulThe shopping list:
 Leaver Arch Folders and File dividers
 Mechanical Pencils
Parker Pen, Stabilo s-move gone wild pen and Stabilo coloured fineliners (mini size)
 Helix rubber and ruler
bright coloured wallet
 clear pencil case,
 Revision sticky note tags
 Scientific Calculator (not pictured)

I always like to use mechanical pencils instead of regular ones because they make less mess in my pencil case and I don't have to constantly be looking for a pencil sharpener. The reason I have a clear pencil case and not a funky patterned one is because I can take it into exams which is handy because I'm one of those people who likes to have about ten pens in an exam with them as a just in case thing. Stick notes are great for sticking reminders on your planner and on work. These ones from Staples are really cool because a) they're in cool colours and b) each colours for something different. It's just really handy for making sure you do things.
What are your school essentials? Leave a comment below with all your stationary needs and must haves!
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