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Back to School for Me!

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
Hi all!
I start school today!!!!! It actually felt like forever due to the move. I stopped going in Europe back in mid March. I am excited and super nervous. I actually missed my school routine and now that I am somewhere new and still adjusting it's really nerve-wrecking.
The schedule I have is pretty intense and there is a lot I must do schoolwise. Not mention at home. I have birthday parties to plan, I have a guest from Germany coming, I have a husband who will be TDY for 3 weeks and of course normal day to day mom stuff. EEEK. So it's really hard for me not to feel overwhelmed.
I hope to continue to blog. Another thing on my plate, but it will help me plan and structure things as odd as that sounds. When the kids go back to school, I hope to have some freedom. My youngest will not be in school which will be a little hard, so I have to plan and plan to keep him entertained as I dedicate 40+ more hours to school on a weekly basis.
Any moms in school who reads my blog?
I did have a pretty awesome break. 6 countries 2 continents and a big move. I think this was the best school break I've ever had so now it's time to work hard! Because when I do, my kids do as well!!!
Happy back to school!!!

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