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Back to School Checklist

By Mollylouise
Getting into a pickle over what you need to take to school? Whether that is buying everything but needing none of it? Well I think as the person who buys a lot of back to school items and never using them I feel like the expert.
Secondary SchoolYear 7 – 9   Black pens, any style   Pencils   Cute pencil case   Ruler   Maths Set   Scientific Calculator   Erasers   Mini Scissors   Mini Glue-stickYear 10-11/College/Sixth Form   Black pens   Pencils   Colourful Fine-liners   Tipex   Glue-stick   Index/Report cards   USB stick   Page tabs   Post-it notes   Ring-binders for each subject + 1 more (take one to school) -   Use others for revision materials and spare/old notes.    Notebooks if needed. □ Plastic Wallets
□ Display Books (great for coursework)
   Academic Diary
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