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Bachpan Ki Khatti Meethi Yaadein With Kellogg's

By Simplytadka1
A mom wants to give healthy tasty food to kids which fit with mood. If the kids are happy then the parents will be happy automatically. From the childhood to adulthood, lots of ups and downs comes in life, everyone is changed and one thing which never change is “parental love”. I believed, conversation between parent and child should be interactive not instructive. Today kids know a lot. To maintain better relation with them we have to do friendship and accept their feeling and opinion in positive manner through which we can develop strong bond and creates beautiful memories. Bachpan Ki Khatti Meethi Yaadein With Kellogg's
Chocos gives a chance to celebrate this moments “Khushi ke Pal” between parents and child, you can say khatti meethi yaadein bachpan ki. Everyone talk about women empowerment or weaker section empowerment but nobody talks about kid’s empowerment. Where kids need an own space or world of thinking and doing whatever they like which help to learn more creatively and fearlessly.  I have strong bond with my mom and dad. We shared great moments together.  
To deal with kids, it’s not an easy task for every parent especially with 21 century kids. No school can teach you about how to deal with child to understand better. This relation is like a tree which grows with time and bonding, just need to give proper feed and water on exact time. Don’t be over protective or under care with the child’s feeling, both can be harming your relationship.
Verbal and physical expressions of love and care make kids believe that parents are always with them. Tell them every day that you love them unconditionally. The knowledge that parents remain with them throughout the life will help them grow more confident and smarter.
After a long discussion on parents and child relationship, time to eat something…. As I’m food blogger… isliye recipe toh banti hai…
As a foodaholic, love to eat panipuri, aloo tikki, chocolates and specially cornflakes. Whenever I feel hungry and not in mood to cook, just follow two simple steps. Buy a big pack of Kellogg’s Chocos and eat it as a time pass snack with favorite TV show, mine is “Shinchan” on Hungama. These tiny bites are so crunchy and chocolaty…. crunchy texture and chocolate flavor, both makes me vibrant and keeps busy in own kid’s world. You can tried more variations with cornflakes and chocos which I loved more. Some variations which I want to share from my childhood memories with all of you, hope you like it.
Cornflakes and Chocos Bhel with Cocoas Mango Smoothie Preparation Time: 15 Minutes Cooking Time: 0 Minutes Servings: 2 Ingredients Bachpan Ki Khatti Meethi Yaadein With Kellogg's
For Bhel Kellogg’s Chocos Kellogg’s Cornflakes Onion, chopped Tomato, chopped Green Coriander, chopped Green Chili, chopped Lemon Juice Chaat Masala
Bachpan Ki Khatti Meethi Yaadein With Kellogg's
For Smoothie 1/2 Cup Kellogg’s Chocos 1/2 Cup Mango, Peeled and Chopped 2 Cup Milk Brown Sugar, optional
Instructions Chop the onion, tomatoes, chilies and coriander and add in large bowl. Add chocos and cornflakes with lemon juice and chaat masala and mix it gently and serve immediately. Combine Kellogg’s chocos, mango chunks, milk and sugar together and blend it till to smooth and thick consistency and serve chilled in glass.
Notes:  For more variation you can add boiled potatoes, cucumber, murmure and chutney in chaat. You can add any seasonal fruit like strawberry, banana or berries whatever you like in smoothie.
Crunchy Chocolate Bites  for this recipe Click here Bachpan Ki Khatti Meethi Yaadein With Kellogg's
Our childhood memories will never end or faint... They will shine more like a star throughout the life. Tags: Kellogg’s Chocos, Kellogg’s recipes, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Cornflakes recipes, Chocos Recipes, simplytadka, khuljaye bachpan, smoothie recipes, mango recipes, milk, bhelpuri, chaat, beverages, snacks.
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