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Baby Shower Fun

By Glosews @Glo_Sews
Baby Shower Fun
Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted to kick yourself?  Well I had one of those last weekend!  I had made a darling Tennessee Vol set encluding a  dress made of Tennesse Vol fabric, an orange and white Korker ribbon elastic headband, and a Tennessee Vols plush blanket for my grand-daughter's baby shower and forgot to take a picture of it before I wrapped it.  I was so angry with myself, but I decided I could just take a picture when she opened it.  Well, what is the saying about best laid plans?  I didn't want to just take a photo of my gift so I was busy taking all kinds of photos and before she was able to open my gift my camera's battery died.  So..there you have it, really wanted to kick myself in the butt!
The shower was awesome tho and I did get some great photos.  She received so many beautiful and useful things and she and her husband, plus the two grands and the one Great,  were very happy and excited.
Tina, my stepdaughter and Mom of the Mom to be, made the cutest baby in a bassinet   It was all fruit!  The bassinet was made of a watermelon and cantaloupe, grapes and other melon made up the baby and blanket.  I had never seen one and it was so cute!
Baby Shower Fun
Isn't that just the cutest little thing ever?
The cake was pretty awesome too.  Sheila's theme was giraffes and her cake went right along with the theme.  I must say that I am glad a few others ate some before I did as it let me see that I need to avoid the black frosting!
Baby Shower Fun
One of sheila's friends gave her the cutest tower made of all kinds of goodies; onesies, diapers, clothes and decorated with the necessities like baby shampoo, baby wash, baby toys, and stuffed animals.
Baby Shower Fun
All in all it was a very happy, exciting and awesome time, even if I did not get a photo of the Tennessee Vol set I made.  I did get a couple of pictures of the wrapped gift tho, and I do have a picture of the set I made for her the weekend before.
Baby Shower Fun
Baby Shower Fun Baby Shower Fun
Here is a photo of the happy Mom to be and the two Grands to be.
Baby Shower Fun
I have been working on some burp cloths using colorful cotton on one side and  waterproof PUL on the other. They are a very convenient size, are very bright and cheerful, and offer a load of protection from mishaps while burping or holding baby.  These listings is for a set of 2 burp cloths.
Check them out, they are new today on my ETSY.
Baby Shower Fun Baby Shower Fun Baby Shower Fun Baby Shower Fun

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