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B2B Marketers Report Higher ROI from Video

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
  • October 23, 2014
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B2B Marketers Report Higher ROI from Video

The ubiquitous cat memes are fun, but business-to-business marketers see real profit when they create how-to videos for their channel partners and end users. This is the assessment of a new study conducted by Vidyard among B2B marketers.

The Hub summarized the study results and concluded that “as video production costs come down and engagement rates go up, there’s really no reason for any company to not invest in quality videos to market their business.”

The survey researchers also discovered other facts about the use and impact of B2B video marketing that could shape your 2015 integrated marketing plan.

  • Despite lower costs, smaller companies make fewer videos: 36 percent of companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue are producing more than 100 marketing videos annually. Only 4 percent of companies with revenues under $25 million annually produce video content, while 5 percent of companies with revenues spanning $26-500 million use video marketing.
  • Video converts customers better than other content: Most marketers (68 percent) who participated in the study agreed that video was better than other forms of content to convert prospects to sales. However, only 48 percent of respondents said returns through video were getting better, and 25 percent said it was flat lining. One disturbing result: 26 percent of marketers in the study said they had no idea if it was working. (If you’re wondering how to measure the results of your video content marketing strategy, read “Measuring the Success of Your Content Marketing” and “Five (More) Indispensable Metrics for Gauging Your Content” right now!
  • Metrics are getting more advanced: Even though B2B marketers are producing more videos, 48 percent of companies profiled in the survey rely on basic metrics, such as views or shares. However, another 38 percent indicated that they were using more advanced metrics to track the effectiveness of video, such as average viewing duration, embed locations, viewer drop off rates and heat maps.

Like any integrated marketing tactic, video content and marketing must begin with a strategy. Set your 2015 plan now with a little help from, “Hey, Wait! What’s Our Video Marketing Strategy?”

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