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B Corps: The May Update

Posted on the 25 May 2011 by Blab

B Corps: The May Update 

B Lab has been busy this spring. New Jersey and Virginia passed Benefit Corporation legislation, the community grew to over 400 B Corporations, and B Lab has launched the public beta of GIIRS and Version 3.0 of the B Impact Assessment. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track. Here’s an update on what you may have missed since our recent Annual Report.

Benefit Corp Legislation: 4 Down, 46 to Go

Virginia and New Jersey have joined Maryland and Vermont in creating a new corporate form for the new economy. Both states passed the legislation unanimously. Learn more about the status of other states moving forward on our Policy Page.

Learn More Now.

Gaining Momentum: 400 B Corps and Counting

Over 400 B Corporations are now using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Lab certified 38 B Corps in Q1-2011. We are thrilled to welcome companies, such as Revolution Foods, Namaste Solar and W.S. Badger Co, Inc. To all B Corporations, thank you for your continued leadership and support. To other leaders, please join us.

In May B Lab will launch the B Academy, an informative monthly webinar series aimed at new companies considering B Corp certification. If you’d like to invite a friend or peer company to participate, contact [email protected] for more details.

In The News: Inc Magazine and the New York Times Take Notice

The B Corp community is gaining recognition. Inc Magazine features Cascade Engineering, a Michigan B Corp, in the May issue as a leader in social enterprise. Be sure to look for the B Corp callout, which also mentions method, Norwood Marble and Granite, Traditional Medicinals, Guayaki and Numi Organic Tea. Read it here.

The NY Time’s author, Tina Rosenberg, also highlighted B Corps in her Fixes column. In two articles, she argued the case for B Corps and included voices from across the community. Thank you to everyone who commented, showing the power of our collective voice.

A Scorecard for Companies With a Conscience

Ethical Business With a Better Bottom Line

In the March/April 2011 Edition of Sierra Magazine, the Certified B Corporation log was named one of the nine most trustworthy eco-certifications.

Sierra Club names B Corp One of the Most Trustworthy Eco-Certifications

Pro Bono Legal Services for
B Corps: TrustLaw Becomes a Service Partner

B Lab is excited to announce a new Service Partnership with TrustLaw, a program of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, providing legal pro bono services to B Corps. TrustLaw is an international vehicle for pro bono legal support and a hub of legal information, run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of the world’s leading provider of news and information. At the heart of the project is an ambitious electronic platform called TrustLaw Connect, designed to create a new “marketplace” for international pro bono work.

Learn more on our services page.

Continuous Improvement: Public Beta of Version 3.0 of B Impact Assessment is Launched

Your feedback is needed. After a private beta involving 200 companies in 30 countries, the public beta for Version 3.0 of the B Impact Assessment is occurring now through June 2. Help us create a more accurate and useful tool to assess corporate social and environmental impact. Version 3.0 offers a new Emerging Markets track and expanded social enterprise model metrics. Check out the public beta

GIIRS: World Beta

The GIIRS public beta is also taking place and all B Corps are eligible for a free GIIRS Rating. GIIRS is a ratings agency that provides comparable and transparent social and environmental performance data on enterprises seeking investment capital. By participating in the public beta, your company will become more visible and attractive to impact investors. Want to learn more? Visit

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