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Awesome WW ad/Trouble on the Horizon

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
This song was written with excerpts of interviews of the ladies in this video who are all Weight Watchers members!

It couldn't come at a better time. I feel myself starting to get out of control. Last night we ate at a diner and I ate until I was full. I had to keep pushing all of the food I didn't want to eat away from me. I'm usually OK with food being near me. While I was in the ladies room my brain popped back into old mode and said to me "Now I want ice cream". I didn't eat any ice cream but it's just scary and it's not as easy to resist food now. I used to be OK with eating one of something, like onion rings. Last night I had three! They were small, but still. Last night I didn't have a lot of points left this week or for that day. I was very careful. My husband was saying I hardly ate anything. When I "pointed up" I came in ten points under what I could have used.
The urges to eat more have been so strong lately. I'm hoping it's just a passing phase. I will fight to the death! I've been this way since Christmas. I thought it was just stress from the Holidays and after that it would subside. Well, work is very stressful right now because of a major overhaul where I work. People are calling in like crazy for changes we've been telling them about since August. There also is a new software change coming where I work. The last time I worked somewhere when there was a Software change it made my life a living hell. I hated my job from then on. I'm worried that my lovely work place might become a pretty miserable place to work. Another thing is I'm a temp and we don't know when we're going to be done. They have temps there that have been there for years. However, the change where I work is due to cuts and as a result fewer people will be using the services where I work so they probably won't need as many people on the phones.
So I guess I know it's stress. So far I have yet to go over my points or even consider doing that. It's just that the urges to eat are so strong and I'm eating faster now. Ugh. I'm trying to pep talk myself and it does work. I tell myself "Eating isn't going solve anything". Then I feel this tension release in my body and the urge is more controllable. Now only if I can REMEMBER to pep talk myself! Maybe I need to start going to meeting weekly instead of every other week. Bette, my WW Leader, will kick my *** into shape.
Hoping this is just a rough patch. I've worked so hard I'm not giving up easily. I'm stubborn like that. I'm trying to circumvent it by eating more fruit and making a few other changes. Here's hoping.

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