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Avocado Toast

By _jessismore @_jessismore
Happy Monday! This hardly counts as a recipe. I'll just consider it a PSA for an amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack...
A few months ago, I bought Miz Gwyneth / the former Mrs. Coldplay's book "It's All Good." I was pleasantly surprised, and have been regularly making recipes from it ever since. One of her go-to healthy breakfasts is avocado toast. It sounds a tad weird, but I assure you it's yumnomsnoms (amazing). 
Just toast up your favorite slice of sprouted grain or gluten-free bread (or regular bread if you want side-eye from Gwyn) and top it with half of a mashed avocado and a little salt + pepper. So. Good. 
Avocado Toast
Avocados are filled with the good kind of fat and even have some anti-inflammatory benefits.Everybody wins with this meal, basically. 
Want to get dangerous? Top it with a drizzle of agave nectar and a pinch of garlic powder for a dance party in your mouth. Not sure if it's Gwyneth approved, but it's Jess approved. 
Avocado Toast
The more you know.

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