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Avengers Era Comic Book Personal Movie Ranking

Posted on the 17 November 2017 by Remesh Venkitachalam
The following is how I would mostly consider my ranking would go for the comic book movies that happened in this Avengers era. I havent used the Dark Knight trilogy, the original Spiderman trilogy or Xmen trilogy, but most of the films after that. This is just the first round of my thoughts, and I am not completely sure if this is how I feel. The top movies might not change much, but when you go down the list its particularly difficult to remember which one you liked better than the others. This ranking could change a lot. Thor Ragnarok was the last one that I saw:
Captain America : Civil War
Doctor Strange
guardians of the galaxy 1
captain america winter soldier
spiderman homecoming
Wonder Woman
Thor ragnarok
xmen:days of future past
ant man
xmen:first class
thor:dark world
ironman3suicide squad
avenger 2ironman1bvsthor 1guardians of the galaxy 2
captain america 1
inc hulk
man of steel
amazing spiderman 1
amazing spiderman 2
xmen apocalypse

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