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Autumn Activities For Kids

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx

Autumn Activities For Kids


So the summer is now well and truly over, the leaves are turning orange and the days are getting darker earlier..personally I think Autumn is my favorite season, everything looks so pretty and colourful! But you might get a little stuck on what to do with the kids..I've created a few things you could do to keep them entertained and happy during the cooler months...
1. Swimming
A great activity for the whole family, most towns have a local leisure center so you don't have to travel far to get to one, it gives the kids a chance to let off some steam and (hopefully) wear themselves out, you can get some cute childrens swimwear online at some of the best known shops such as Zoggs, and now that summer is over they are all at such good prices so shop away! It's so much fun for everyone, swimming, whether your little one is 3 months or 13 years, it gets everyone involved!
2. Go For A 
As a teenager I hated walking, anything that meant getting sweaty and messing up my outfit or hair was a no to for me..but when I was younger it was one of my favorite things to do, being out in the fresh air and seeing all the different things was fascinating to me. Get the wellies on, a warm coat and create a list of things for them to find on their adventure e.g. Pinecone, conker, daisy, mushrooms! This will give them something to aim for keep them occupied and involved, before they have time to complain about their legs hurting you would've finished your walk! If they're a little older, say 4+, maybe give them a disposable camera and let them take pictures of their finds too! 
3. Scrap booking
Using the point above too, collect bits and bobs from around the walk to add to their very own scrapbook, leaves, sticks and then develop all the photos they have taken and let them get creative! Colourful pens, glitter, glue, paint! The messier the better! You could even give the book a name, like Our Little Adventure 16.10.13..It's a great thing to keep for memories and they'll get super excited to get started! 
4. Create a den!
Hands up who has done this in their childhood (waves hand high in the air!) It was so much fun creating your own "secret" hideaway using whatever you have in your house, sheets, towels, pillows, duvets, you name it! Tying one end of a blanket to your bed and stretching it over to the wardrobe and tying it around the handle! Ahhh the memories! Let them be inventive, whilst giving them pointers and little ideas too, it doesn't have to look pretty or neat, if your child likes it, mission accomplished! You could even use fairy lights for extra decoration! Oh and don't be surprised if they want to sleep in there for the next few weeks either! :)
5. Camp!
Try setting up your own campsite in the garden, pitch the tent, get some snuggly blankets and pillows, some lanterns, books and teddies and yummy snacks and there you have it! Tell stories to them or create your own stories together, have some hot chocolates with marshmallows and enjoy the cosyness! Or if they're at the age of being "too cool" doing it with mommy and daddy, get them to choose a friend or two to come over and join in, it doesn't mean they have to stay out there all night though ha, but they can come in and go to bed watching a movie or something :)

What do you do to keep them entertained?

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