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Aussie Mums and About Keeping It Real

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

There are certainly days when I fantasise about having a family life that’s as crisp and fresh as a washing powder commercial … or maybe as cheerful and sunny as a margarine advertisement. Sigh, it’d be brilliant, wouldn’t it …. but really??  … Really?

The chances are even less than slim ol’ Buckley’s, as the reality of such good luck falling at my feet would be completely unheard of and actually begs the question …. what IS the perfect family?

As matriarch of the perfect family, would I be able to create delicious evening meals, EVERY single night, that looked like they slipped off the set of MKR before being snapped for Instagram … just before pinning? Why, of course!

And yep, my kids would all be dressed in white, or at the very least pastels. Always. With no grubby stains, not one, not even on the scooter riding 13 year old. The only thing shinier and whiter in this fantasy would be the perfectly straight teeth (minus the pain in the arse that trips to the orthodontist are) that are always smiling because the sulks of grumpy kids (and grumpier parents) are strictly not allowed.

It’d be just ike this …

Aussie Mums and about keeping it real

Look at our beautifully perfect family! Aren’t we gorgeous and clean and happy?
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Post Natal Depression and motherhood induced anxiety? Pfffft.

Colic .. reflux … nappy rash? Double, triple pfffft!

Before school TV … packaged crap in the lunchbox …. chicken nuggets for dinner?? Nope, not on my watch!

As if. Then follow with condescending eye roll.

So help me here. Please.

Ok, so we all know that there are many shades of reality, right? And indeed, my perception of what’s a ‘real’ and authentic family could certainly differ from someone else’s and that is very A-ok. And that is exactly what I want your help with … I want to share your story of motherhood and family life. I want the real-deal, the stuff that makes you and your family tick and I want to share it here as part of Aussie Mums – the keeping it real project. Here’s the brief …

For real Mums (that’s right, like you and like me), it’s easy to lose sight of what’s ‘normal’ in a world shaped by margarine commercials, womens’ magazines and Facebook status updates. Too often, we are left questioning not only our parenting actions but also our instincts when we compare ourselves and our family’s situation to others.

BUT, I have a vision, and this is where YOU enter the picture!

I’m looking to run a series here on the site portraying the realities and stories of EVERYDAY, REAL Australian Mums. I’m not looking to feature Super-Mums (mainly because I’d have no idea where to find these mythical creatures) but rather I’m wanting contributions from Mums who would be willing to share their unique motherhood journey with me, and others, in order to normalise the diverse experience that motherhood is.

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