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Augmented Reality in Nautical Apps

By Sailingguide
Smart Chart AIS App

Augmented reality, involving the superimposition of visual information on a real, live image, has been big in science fiction movies, fighter jet heads-up displays, America's Cup TV coverage, and Google Glass - and is making its first inroads into nautical applications for the rest of us. The new Android app, Smart Chart AIS, has, among its various functions, an augmented reality mode in which information about marinas, anchorages, and other points of interest can be displayed on your smartphone's camera image as you point it around. Sounds cool, doesn't it? And the app is even free! But before you rush to the Google Play Store and head out on the water expecting miracles, read the full review here. You might choose to wait for an improved version unless you don't mind investing time for the wow factor.

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