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Atlanta Lesbian Show May Be Heading to Oxygen, Good Look Or Bad?

Posted on the 14 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


If you haven’t heard of DJ M, Deborah, Suga, Lisa Cunningham, Jaimee Balenciaga and the Glenn Twins aren’t familiar to you, Oxygen may be soon changing that (for the ones that have cable).

The show will center around these circle of friends about their lives, loves and exploits in Atlanta, Georgia. Nicknamed “My Secret Society,” will focus on what it is like to be one of the “popular” people in the dirty South. This has been a labor of love for all involved, since the shows initial conception five years ago. However, even though they have shopped the show to various networks, Oxygen has been one of the few to take an interest in this Sapphic cypher.

“We’ve been taping for five years — at some point we just realized we should be taping,” DJ M confides to GA Voice, Atlanta’s LGBT magazine.

Atlanta Lesbian Show May Be Heading to Oxygen, Good Look Or Bad?

Courtesy of GA Voice/Traxx Girls

“It may sound strange … but I have this group of friends nobody else has. And it’s interesting to see the ladies, our lifestyles. There are so many aspects of the LGBT lifestyle and we are a peek into that.”

The show will discuss DJ M’s life with Traxx Girls Balenciaga’s role in Atlanta’s house ball scene. Being that this particular scene is heavily saturated with white, gay men, Balenciaga took it upon herself to start her own arena, where anyone would feel comfortable to walk.

“Getting women and transmen to walk is still difficult. While men’s house ball parties can last six hours, there are still too many women who would prefer to just watch.”

With LGBT media being summed up within the confines of what white, LGBT media deems proper and acceptable, it is nice to know there will be another option out there for us besides the “love” story that is happening between Sadjah and her girlfriend on The Real L Word.

At the same time, being all the information provided about the stars of this upcoming show happen seems to be centered around the party/club lifestyle – if the show goes the route of The Real L Word or any of its other variations, it wouldn’t be that surprising. One thing is for certain, there will surely be enough ego for everyone on cable television.


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