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Assignments, Projects, CCE- the How to Survive Guide.

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

I don’t know about others, but we Indian students get a lot of ‘assignments’ or ‘projects’ from school. The functioning is pretty simple. The teachers give a topic, and you have to collect pics(nowadays,  we just print them  from the web) and details and info on the particular topic. Some are supposed to be done on chart papers, and some on papers. Today, I’m going to show you how to do great charts. The class group under my leadership has a way of doing things. To score extra marks, follow these steps-Collect information. This means that along with the usual and general stuff like place, date, etc., try to add more depth in detail (not much trivia, but you can find stuff that no one else would’ve probably written).
Layout matters when it comes to charts and papers. Do your best handwriting.  If it’s a picture collage, try overlapping in small amounts, without losing important details, or any other creative style that you think is good.Design.  Instead of the plain old way of making charts, do other designs. For instance, if you are doing a chemistry paper or chart, cut the chart into the shape of a beaker, or a flask. Perhaps this is the most important thing, as my team got the greatest appreciation and recognition for our unique design.Have the proper format- give the paper a front page, index, the main content, reference. If suggested by your teacher, you may want to consider an acknowledgement. 

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