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ASA Logistics Reduces Fuel Costs by 23% with Fleetmatics

Posted on the 20 June 2014 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Ohio-based ASA Logistics prides itself on providing the “final touch” for its residential and commercial customers. This means maintaining excellent customer service for both its customers and its customers’ clients. With a slew of experts and resources, ASA is able to offer its clients premier final mile logistics services.

ASA’s Chief Operations Officer Al Whatmough believes that safety is a critical factor to a winning business. So it makes sense that he turned to Fleetmatics fleet management solution to improve safety within his fleet.

Besides improving safety overall, Whatmough has noticed that the live GPS visibility has helped the company significantly improve the quality of dispatching practices. Because of this, it has allowed more opportunities to book back-hauls on its trucks, increasing business.

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high thanks to streamlined processes both internally and externally. ASA Logistics also allows its customers to view the Live Fleet feature provided by Fleetmatics. This has helped improve the customer experience but cutting back on needless communication for delivery status to residential locations.

Fleetmatics has also helped ASA develop incentive programs to reward safe driving behavior. ASA even rewards its drivers who exhibit fuel-saving driving habits. Overall, it has made drivers accountable and conscious of how company vehicles are being operated.

ASA also credits Fleetmatics customer reps for providing helpful training for all employees necessary. The ASA staff whole-heartedly agrees that account manager Melissa has been friendly and knowledgeable, while onboarding and getting them familiar with the system.

“With safety being such a critical factor to winning business, we installed Fleetmatics on the ASA Logistics fleet,” recalls Whatmough. “The integrated reports demonstrate that our company has safe, productive and efficient runs, which has given us an edge over the competition. We have also experienced improved communication with drivers and have reduced 23% of fuel costs”

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