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As You Buy Fireworks For Tomorrow, Please Do Not Buy The “Skypoo Schoolhouse!”

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Yahoo reports that a Toronto family living under a flight path of the city’s busiest airport thought “sky poo” was falling from planes onto their property. Yahoo also reports that CBC reported an investigation revealed that the mysterious substance doesn’t come from planes.

3 Worse Things That Could Fall From The Sky Into Your Backyard

1. U.F.O. poop. If investigators aren’t going to buy airplane poop stories, good luck with ones involving aliens!

2. U.F.O. dog poop. Now you not only have to convince investigators that U.F.O.s exist, you risk that the same investigators may charge you with failing to poop and scoop anything that hit city sidewalks next to your lawn.

3. Wal-mart prices. You could enjoy the savings if you had a jet pack to visit the mysterious Wal-mart store floating above your home. Instead, you have to dodge falling numbers and happy faces! But if you do have a jet pack, a discount store floating over your backyard may provide a convenient opportunity to buy fireworks!

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