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as Seen on Pinterest.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
as seen on pinterest.
on the local evening news, a couple of times a month they do a little as seen on tv product test. they have a viewer test out a product they saw on tv, and rate it. when it comes to pinterest there's an endless amount of pins that i would love to try. so i thought to myself, instead of constantly saying "hey i should try that," i'm going to try out at least one pin a week. and last night i tried out this pin which stated that half a lemon and a couple of drops of honey could get rid of those pesky blackheads. after squirting lemon juice in my eye and yelling enough unlady like words, the honey and lemon mask was applied. and only five minutes later, i removed the mask. i will say that i noticed a difference - a minimal difference - but still a difference. the mask did make my blackheads less noticeable, but the whole "removal" is far from the truth. all the mask really did was lightening the blackheads. it was nice that the ingredients needed no mixing or use of time prepping. and lemon and honey had a nice smell while sitting around for 5 mintues. but as i mentioned before all the mask did was make the blackheads less prominent. this is something i would use before going out for an evening with the hubby and was a little conscience of the pesky little things. so for this test, i give this pin one thumb up and one thumb down. have you tried out a pin lately?

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