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As Per the Plan

Posted on the 16 April 2014 by Yamini
The bells continued to ring
As he pushed his cart against the gushing wind with all his might
The sound faded as he moved away farther and farther

Tens of small light houses on the sand continued to give hope to those little flying things 
Those far and near whispers reached the ear and moved away before understanding could happen
Those little orange stars from the coal frying maize flew in escaping the iron prison
The little girl ate the last piece of skillfully cut mango piece, anticipating it would have no taker
The to be crabs hurried to complete their patterns before they could get erased by the overenthusiastic sea
The gushing wind and waves jumping higher and higher moved ahead slightly ahead each time clandestinely eating up the earth 
As she looked back at the unknown shadows the water took her in

As per the plan!

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