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Art Journaling 105

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Art Journaling 105I love dark journal pages with light or white writing on them. I wish I had lots of colorful poster paint markers, but in lieu of that, I found that India ink and silver Sharpies worked pretty well. 1. Students paint a journal page with India ink and let it dry.
2. With a silver Sharpie marker, they draw a lot of parallel lines on the page, each about an inch apart.
3. Writing with only capital letters, they fill in the lines with the date and the favorite thing they did today. Using capital letters will create lots of closed shapes, which is important for the next step.
4. Using pencil crayons, students color in the closed shapes. Sometimes less is more. If your page looks good with just the writing and coloring, then stop and enjoy.
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