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  • 2020 Painting Challenge

    2020 Painting Challenge

    A few years ago, as a way to help increase the flow of creative ideas and increase drawing speed, I went through a phase whereby I wouldn't allow myself to go t... Read more

    The 26 january 2020 by   Waynechisnall
  • Beyond the Studio with Carlos Carmonamedina

    On Sunday, January 26 from 1 to 3 p.m., SAAM's Luce Foundation Center will host another installment of Beyond the Studio, a lecture and workshop series where... Read more

    The 24 january 2020 by   Americanart
  • Oils Vs. Acrylics: What Are the Differences? Which Should You Choose and Why?

    Oils Acrylics: What Differences? Which Should Choose Why?

    Here is an in-depth explanation of the differences between oil paints and acrylic paints. Helpful for artists who are trying to decide which of these two... Read more

    The 23 january 2020 by   Artbycedar
  • Crayons and the Road to Art

    Wouldn’t you agree that there is much magic in a box of Crayola® crayons? In fact, if you thought there was a lot of magic in that old silk hat that  “Frosty Th... Read more

    The 21 january 2020 by   Rodjonesartist
  • Your Brushes Make All the Difference

    Your Brushes Make Difference

    I taught a limited palette workshop over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The painters were a keen bunch who worked hard, asked good questions and wer... Read more

    The 20 january 2020 by   Ingrid Christensen
  • Twisting Branches

    Twisting Branches

    Here is “Twisting Branches.” Twisting Branches. 24″ x 30″, Oil on Canvas, © 2020 Cedar Lee I created an oil painting demo video (below) to show my... Read more

    The 18 january 2020 by   Artbycedar
  • Takashi Murakami: Biography, Works and Exhibitions

    Takashi Murakami: Biography, Works Exhibitions

    Nowadays, artists don’t have to take a vow of poverty in order to be successful and garner recognition from the general public. Read more

    The 17 january 2020 by   Alejandra
  • I Love the Thought You’re Okay

    – We nearly always receive some form of feedback from the effort we put into social media. Generally speaking, it’s pretty positive stuff. If we are kind in... Read more

    The 15 january 2020 by   Rodjonesartist
  • Interview with Al Gore

    Interview with Gore

    The former vice president of the US government under Bill Clinton's administration, Al Gore (Washington D.C., 1948), is known worldwide for his efforts in the... Read more

    The 14 january 2020 by   Alejandra
  • Last Minute Openings in Cochrane Workshop Next Weekend

    Last Minute Openings Cochrane Workshop Next Weekend

    "7 Tubes Are All You Need"A 2-day workshopJan 18/19Cochrane, ABImagine making every colour that you need with just 7 tubes of paint. Read more

    The 11 january 2020 by   Ingrid Christensen


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