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  • Cherub-titanic

    Far away in the mystique land When the sea shores went ablaze. The warrior saw the beauty in CHERUB Dressed with simplicity and smile on her face. A The girl... Read more

    The 15 october 2018 by   Colloquial Wordsmiths
  • Weekly Sketches - Deciding When is Enough

    Weekly Sketches Deciding When Enough

    When to decide that you have added enough detail is difficult even for the seasoned artist. These sketches are good examples of portraying age, through eyes... Read more

    The 14 october 2018 by   Tampster1
  • Vigorocity

    Size: 24” x 30” x 1.5” Oil on Canvas Art can be a vicarious experience perhaps more for the viewer than the artist that created it. Art triggers relatable... Read more

    The 13 october 2018 by   Rodjonesartist
  • The Power of Critiques

    Power Critiques

    Study in Grey16 x 12This week I connected separately with two artists to talk about their art for a solid hour. They were the first of the online critiques... Read more

    The 13 october 2018 by   Ingrid Christensen
  • Before/After Version of Ben Heine Photography "Girl in the Stairs" -...

    Before/After Version Heine Photography "Girl Stairs" Avant/Après Photo Fille Dans Escaliers" Read more

    The 12 october 2018 by   Benheine
  • Conservation: A Tale of Two Summers

    Matthew Fields was a recent pre-program intern at the Lunder Conservation Center, as part of the Smithsonian Conservation Internship for Broadening Access... Read more

    The 11 october 2018 by   Americanart
  • Quarry

    Size: 24” x 30” x 1.5” Oil on Canvas After the creation of this painting I found myself thinking of the movie Fountainhead from the book by Ayn Rand,... Read more

    The 07 october 2018 by   Rodjonesartist
  • Beyond the Studio Workshop: Kokedama

    On Sunday, October 7th from 1 to 3pm, the Luce Foundation Center will host an installment of Beyond the Studio, a lecture and workshop series where... Read more

    The 04 october 2018 by   Americanart
  • Painting Dark Skin Tones in Watercolor

    Painting Dark Skin Tones Watercolor

    Painting skin tones don't have to be complicated. Using a limited palette of a yellow (quin gold), a red (quin magenta) and a blue (Prussian) can create... Read more

    The 02 october 2018 by   Tampster1
  • Falling in Love - Spotlight on Jen Geigle Johnson

    Falling Love Spotlight Geigle Johnson

    Tabitha's Folly by Jen Geigle Johnson Tabitha's Folly is one of Five books all set at the same Regency House Party Series. While each is a standalone story,... Read more

    The 01 october 2018 by   Mariagrazia


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