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Art at Bassin Blue

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Yesterday our group went up into the mountains of Jacmel, and worked with about 50 young kids that are part of a church run by Father Baba, a well known and respected pastor in the region. Mimi (from our group) held a short class about growing beans as we had brought many to share with them. The children learned what their beans would look like as they grew, and did a follow-along drawing about them also. After a really nice lunch that Father Baba had prepared for our group, we and the kids all hiked up to an amazing waterfall, Bassin Blue. Jenni and I took our face painting sticks and friendship bracelet supplies, picturing working on some flat area near the falls. Well, no such thing existed, only large rocks in one of the most beautiful basins I have ever seen. So...we learned that you CAN make bracelets on a wet, rocky ledge, and children DO love to get their bodies decorated with paints at almost any place and any time! I have great photos of this day that I will post as soon as the Internet out here allows me too.

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