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Are You Too Dependent on the Internet?

Posted on the 23 August 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Fighting the Internet Addiction

Long gone are the days of dial-up internet and waiting for a browser to load a webpage for 5 minutes. With fibre optic broadband and even 4G mobile data connections, the internet has become so easily accessible all of the time that for some it’s becoming somewhat of an addiction.

Internet Addiction

Did you know you can actually be treated for internet addiction? Some people can become so dependent on it that it actually causes them severe agitation when they don’t have access to it.

Have you ever thought that you might be susceptible to internet addiction? Check out the symptoms below and see if you could be an internet addict.

Social Media Addiction

Social Media exploded onto the scene in recent years and acts as a gateway for other forms of internet addiction. While a large percentage of the population utilise Social Media like Twitter and Facebook to some degree, most people are able to use it once or twice a day or not at all without concern. However, this is untrue for many.


If you’re spending hours at a time on your social media sites with no apparent purpose then you may have a problem. If you find that you spend more time on social media than with real people then you’ve definitely got a problem.

Online Game Addiction

Sure anyone can become slightly hooked to a game of Tetris, but online gaming is the real social life killer. This used to refer to games like Warcraft where players could whittle away days at a time. However, it was the advent of high speed online console gaming that really created widespread and mainstream online gaming addictions. Too many young people every year are lost to online warfare with few ever returning.


You’ve got an online gaming problem if you’re having online Nam flashbacks. You’ve got a big online gaming problem if you start referring to the real world as Second Life.

Wiki Addiction


You’ve got a wiki problem if you consider Wookipedia a useful source of information. You’ve got a major problem when you’ve memorised every tributary river to the Amazon.

Meme Addiction

A meme is an idea or cultural analogy presented in some form of media such as an image online. These have become so popular that entire sites are dedicated to them. People will literally spend hours scrolling through meme after meme online from lolcats to getting Rickrolled.


U is havin srius meme prblm if u is spekin lyk dis!

Are you too Dependent on the Internet?

Author Bio:

Jerome Whistler has a few forms of internet addiction. Since he got fibre broadband he hasn’t been seen in public.

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