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Are You Still Sad About That Heartbreak? Here Is A Wake Up Call

By Lifestreasury
Are You Still Sad About That Heartbreak? Here Is A Wake Up Call
Stop, listen to me. You are holding onto memories of what was, overlooking the fact that what you have been through has put you in a harmonious position to receive things that could only be available through all of your pain.
How would it be possible to find the right one or right thing if it weren’t for all of the heartbreaks and damage by all the test? Definitely you wouldn’t.
You would have settled for cheap.
Realize that you are not your past, not what you have been through, but simply- a more ready you, ready and capable of having more….to find the one who stays.
Life might be crumbling beneath you right now, but one day you will wake up it will be 11:00, with the love of your life, the coffee will be hot and the pancakes will be fluffy, and your beautiful heart won’t be full with ice.
This is not fantasy….This is reality. Believe in who you are now, believe in the best of your tomorrow.
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