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Are You Secretly An Addict?

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice


I bet you are an addict. Aren’t you?

I know I was.

The keyword is “was.” I was an addict and today I decide to stop.


Let me explain what I mean.  You see, in my eyes, you are an addict too.  Now I am not talking about someone who shoots up drugs, snorts hand sanitizer, or sniffs glue.

You are an addict if you are hiding this one secret…you secretly buy one fitness or exercise program after another only to let it sit on the shelf.  You saw the latest infomercial and you rushed to the phone with your credit card whipped out while foaming at the mouth.

Your friend told you about “Exercise Plan 3 Million” that can help you to  lift trucks with your pinkie.  Your Facebook friends post links to various gurus and guru-ettes who want you to buy their program, shake, or potion.

You are addicted to information.



There is one word I want to share you.



Stop looking for the latest program, potion, or proof (alliteration, baby!). Forge your own path.  Be different. Be extraordinary.


By taking the program that you bought months ago and do just ONE thing within 24 hours.  That’s it.  No more excuses.  No more “Yeah buts”. No more “If onlys.”

Stop buying heaps upon heaps of information and APPLY the information.  Stop hoarding the information and start using the information to change your life.

What’s the worse that can happen?

You actually finish the program and make progress.

Oh, how horrible is that!


Now your turn…what program(s), book(s), or video(s) have been sitting for months and you haven’t cracked into?  When will you stop being an addict?

P.S. Thanks to my mentors who really kicked me in the teeth when I read their articles/posts today.  Who are my mentors?  Now that is a secret that I’ll hoard to myself…for a while.


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