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Are You Ready for Fall?

By Cynthialuhrs @wickedgreens
Are you ready for fall?

Are you ready for fall?I don't know about you, but I'm ready for cooler weather. It's been so hot here in North Carolina this summer which has contributed to a bumper crop of copperhead snakes...shudders. Let's just say I've been very careful to look where I'm walking. Of course it might not cool down until November so I won't be putting away my sparkly flip flops anytime soon.

My little niece spent the past two weeks with me, we made all the holiday gifts while she was here. When she visits at Christmas, we make birthday gifts for the following year. I love that she and her older sister both love to sew and make handmade gifts. I think Charlie, Louie, and Lulu will need a few days to recover when she goes home. That's Charlie on the birdbath pretending he's a bird.

As she goes home and back to school, I find myself thinking about new beginnings. New notebooks and pens, maybe a new outfit or pair of shoes. No matter how old I am, fall signifies change.

How about you? How was your summer? Are you looking forward to fall? And for my readers in the southern hemisphere, are you looking forward to spring?

If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, now's the time to finish reading the Knights Through Time series. The entire Merriweather Sisters and Thornton Brothers books went into KU in June for all the readers who asked me to make them available. They will be coming out of the exclusive Amazon program at the end of November, so if you haven't finished the series, make sure to read them by then.

For all my readers on iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Google, thank you so much for your patience. At the beginning of December, all the time travel books will be available again.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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